Xat essay number of words

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Xat essay number of words

The XAT is unique in the sense that all candidates appearing for the test have to write an essay on a given topic. Most students find this to be the biggest challenge in the exam. In this article, we will provide you with a strategy on how to prepare for the XAT essay and how to approach the topic given to you in the exam.

The essay in XAT is not counted while calculating your percentile score. The essay is clubbed with the General Awareness GA section in the XAT and you are given a consolidated time of 40 minutes to attempt 30 questions of GA as well as write a word essay on a given topic.

In the past, XAT examiners have given one topic to write on, with the exception of XATwherein 2 topics were given and candidates had to select one. The topics are very general or abstract in nature and do not require any specialized study.


The idea is not knowledge appraisal, which is done in the other sections of XAT, but to assess your ability to express yourself effectively. The parameters on which your essay is evaluated are given below: Structure of the Essay The examiner checks whether or not the essay flows logically from one paragraph to the other.

Marks are deducted for illogically ordered ideas and poorly connected arguments. Marks are awarded for structured and ordered representation of arguments. Knowledge While your subject-knowledge is tested in the other sections of the exam, this areas checks whether you are aware of the ongoing debates in the public media and important events, personalities, laws, etc.

Innovative Ideas As future managers, you will be expected to generate new ideas as a part of your job.

Xat essay number of words

Hence, evaluators expect your essay to be replete with innovative ideas. Mere repetition of experts' opinions is not recommended in the XAT essay.

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Attitude The evaluators deduct marks for any view that they perceive to be extremist, prejudiced, unreasonable and unscientific.

They expect a balanced view in the essay that reflects the rational mind of the writer. Grammar This is very important in the XAT essay. Marks are deducted for grammar, punctuation and spelling errors.

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Prep Strategy Now that you are acquainted with the evaluation criteria for the XAT essay, you can now devise a sound preparation strategy. Since you have to write only words, there is little room for beating around the bush. Follow a classical Introduction-Body-Conclusion Structure.

In the introduction, take a broad view, which gives the examiner an impression of your understanding of the topic. In the Body of the essay, focus on analyzing the topic from as many different perspectives as possible, neatly divided into points or paragraphs.

Ideally one paragraph should contain only one idea. Conclude with your own opinion, ideas and suggestions which are forward looking and optimistic. In order for you to make your essay content-rich, you must read on a regular basis, newspapers, current affairs magazines, fiction and non-fiction books.

This will arm you with necessary facts, examples and information that will strengthen your viewpoints. Watch videos by best in the industry experts to optimize your Essay Scores! It will in turn help you suggest new solutions and ideas, which are sure to make your essay stand out and fetch more marks.

You must understand that examiners are evaluating future managers. In managerial positions, you will be interacting with people from all walks of life. Thus, any prejudices or biases exhibited in the essay will display an inability on your part to deal with problems rationally and logically.

Thus, it is advised that you maintain a balanced point of view in the essay, which takes into account maximum possible angles on an issue.

As far as grammar proficiency is concerned, we suggest that you re-visit the standard English Grammar books studied in school.For XAT essay writing you shall be provided with 20 minutes and there is no word limit for the same. You can write as much as you want but make sure you follow these points: Develop a habit of writing.

Xat essay number of words.

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In March , however, after ac­cepting the Lakdawala committee's report, the planning commission revised its estimates of the number of poor to per cent and million in , with a monthly income as low as Rs. For XAT essay writing you shall be provided with 20 minutes and there is no word limit for the same.

You can write as much as you want but make sure you follow these points: Develop a habit of writing. Dec 23,  · Last 20 year XAT essay topics. Given below is the list of topics from previous year XAT Papers ( to ). XAT topic of essay There is no right way of doing a wrong thing. Xat Essay Number Of Words – Home / Forums / Bride Dresses Forum / Xat Essay Number Of Words – This topic contains 0 replies, has 1 voice, and was last updated by gesmicyctiqua 1 month, 2 weeks ago.

Xat essay number of words