Writing assignment self-evaluation of personality traits and types

Future Directions Test Critique Assignment Psychologists face two practical tasks in selecting and critiquing a psychological test.

Writing assignment self-evaluation of personality traits and types

Future Directions Test Critique Assignment Psychologists face two practical tasks in selecting and critiquing a psychological test. The second task is to assemble a set of tests that may be considered for possible use, given a particular purpose.

The first writing assignment for this course is designed to give you a condensed, hands-on experience with test critiques. Traditions for conducting a review of a single test are established by the practices of the Mental Measurements Yearbook MMY and the Test Critiques series.

Although these two publications have somewhat different outlines for their reviews, the reviews are organized in very similar ways. The suggestions given here draw on the formats from both of these classic sources of test reviews.

First, a published test will ordinarily have what is called a Specimen Set or Examination Kit.

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This contains a copy of the test materials and manual s. The test materials include test booklets or stimuli, answer sheets or other response recording devices, scoring keys and directions, and related materials.

writing assignment self-evaluation of personality traits and types

The examination kit should also include the test manual. The catalog describes the range of test materials, e. We shall also provide you with a sampling of test catalogs. A third type of information for our class assignment is to review the style of test reviews published in Test Critiques.

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Tpage through it, and read over a few reviews to get a feel for the assignment. Or consult a recent edition of the Mental Measurements Yearbook, either in hard copy or on-line on the PsycInfo directory or webspirs. But please do not read the review for the test that you will critique; this shall confuse you and likely lead to unintentional plagiarism.

A fourth type of information to secure is the subjective experience of taking the test itself. Simulate a regular administration and scoring of the test with yourself. But do not interpret scores yourself; such practices would exceed your competence.

Structure of the Critique. For the purposes of this course, please use the following format for your written assignment.

Writing assignment self evaluation of personality traits and types by Charles Coleman - Issuu

Place the formal name of the test, its author, and the test publisher at the top of the page. Then use the following four headings. State the purpose of the test. Describe rationale for the approach taken.

The purpose should be clearly stated in the test manual.

writing assignment self-evaluation of personality traits and types

Begin with descriptive and non-judgmental sentences. This statement is often taken directly from the test manual. This opening section also discusses any theoretical orientation the test may have. However, the reviewer may comment on how clearly the purpose is communicated.

Describe the structure and materials of the test: Thoroughly examine the test materials themselves. What exactly is this test? What are the items or other stimuli? What does the examinee do? How long does it take to administer the test?

The reviewer also carefully reads the test directions, becomes familiar with scoring procedures, and otherwise becomes immersed in the test materials. It is also important to determine what scores the test yields. This part of the review may be thought of as a verbal photograph of the test.

What are the test materials?

How many items are there? How does the examinee respond? Are there different levels and forms of the test?To sum up the above applied research of the Big Five Personality Traits model, we can conclude that despite the consideration of cognitive and intellectual factors, this personality traits model can be used as a predictor during the selection and employee allocation.

Sep 01,  · Beginning: Provide and post the definition of the following words, along with an image if applicable, in L1 and English, for students to refer to throughout the lesson: character, character traits, personality, describe, adjective.5/5(4). Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online.

Easily share your publications and get them in . Assess Personality Type The AchieveWORKS Personality assessment (formerly Do What You Are) is an integrated component of the online edition. For the print edition, it is recommended that students use the access code located in the inside front cover of the printed text to complete the AchieveWORKS Personality assessment before beginning the personality chapter.

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Since the research carried out about the correlation relationship between the Big Five Personality Traits model and the job performance, there is an agreed conclusion that this personality traits model can predict job performance, especially .

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