Writing an editorial handout

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Writing an editorial handout

All of these agencies are potential enforcers of the law, but only CMS and OIG are actively involved in most instances. CMS is not sufficiently staffed to promptly deal with each and every reported violation and resulting investigation. Some states have substantial delays of several years in finalizing citations.

OIG likewise often takes years following a citation to finalize administrative civil monetary penalties fines. Private enforcement of the law is provided by creation of a special civil cause of action against hospitals for violations. This cause of action can be based on the actions of employees, hospital policies and procedures, and upon actions of independent physicians on the medical staff of the hospital.

This action may be brought in state or federal court, and is separate and distinct from any medical malpractice cause of action. The Plaintiff need not establish any deviation from the standard of care, but only need prove that they received different treatment than another patient similarly situated or that a EMTALA requirement was violated.

There is a split of authority on how state malpractice procedures for physicians apply when the physician is sued for malpractice along with the hospital EMTALA claim.

Virtually all states have had significant citation activity. Few hospitals have received actual termination, leading some to suggest that the number of cases reflect a lack of enforcement and lack of effective sanctions by CMS.

A hospital actually terminated in for following managed care procedures, however, has shocked the industry into the realization that failing to take EMTALA seriously truly can be fatal. Ina hospital was other violations of the Conditions of Participation in Medicare.

This hospital did not achieve re-admission to the program for approximately 7 months. Upon re-admission, no back payment is allowed. Current literature includes articles on the "over-rated" risk of EMTALA sanctions by comparing the number of cited cases to the total volume of ED visits to suggest that it is an insignificant risk.

That position, however ignores the harsh reality of the hospitals that are cited -- including small hospitals up to "mega" medical centers like Parkland Hospital in Dallas cited in The high ratio of hospitals with citations represents a severe threat that deserves to be taken seriously by any institution.

A number of cases have been decided in favor of the involved hospitals prior to trial. A majority of cases appear to have been settled prior to trial.

The legal environment is still developing, and conflicting rulings are frequently seen between the federal court circuits. These conflicts are beginning to be worked out in Courts interpreting the sole Supreme Court ruling on EMTALA, but the process will necessarily require extended litigation over as long as three to five years before the Supreme Court will again be in a position to provide guidance to the conflicting courts.

Possible violations of EMTALA must be reported by receiving hospitals within 72 of the possible violation, pursuant to regulations.

These regulations were not enforced, due to Paperwork Reduction Act technicalities, until September They are now in effect and carry significant sanctions for non-reporting. This source presents a majority of cases reaching CMS attention at this time.

writing an editorial handout

Any possible violation that comes to state attention must be reported to CMS by the state. Florida requires any health care professional with knowledge of a violation to report it to the state within 30 days -- including self-reporting.

Federal law does not require self-reporting. Upon review and determination that a credible allegation of violation exists, the regional office of CMS, issues a direction to the state hospital licensing officials to conduct an unannounced focus survey to determine the facts associated with the possible violation.

The state is not to disclose the nature of the originating case index case nor the nature of their findings during the investigation.

The state is to forward all information to the regional CMS office for evaluation and determination of whether a violation has occurred. If a violation is deemed to have occurred, CMS issues a notice to the hospital that its Medicare participation will terminate in 23 days, unless a suitable plan of correction is submitted.

These plans must show credible evidence of current compliance -- i. On day 19 of the process, a notice of termination is published in local newspapers, unless a suitable plan has been submitted and re-survey has validated compliance prior to day If a suitable plan of correction is submitted and validated by re-survey within the 23 day period, the termination is converted to a 90 day termination track, which provides for a subsequent re-survey to validate on-going compliance.

A hospital may be removed from the termination process, but left on state observation for a period of time to further validate the effectiveness of the plan of correction. Upon clearance all termination or observation conditions, "Deemed" status is restored. Hospitals that fail to report violations by other hospitals may be terminated from Medicare participation.

The first citation against a hospital for failure to report occurred in While it is still not a high-volume citation issue, failure to report remains a concern that should be appropriately addressed by policies in each facility.

Considerable variation exists in the standards applied to specific situations in various regions of CMS, and among various states within a region.The winners of the Arizona Press Club’s inaugural Nina Mason Pulliam Environmental Journalism Award for environmental reporting is a team of investigative journalism students at Arizona State University (ASU) and Emery Cowan with Arizona Daily Sun.

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