The company man essay analysis

Summary Analysis The narrator describes a wintry Northern country and the nature of the wolves there, who have terrifying eyes, ghostly howls, and a love of flesh. Anyone who goes into the forest is in danger of the starving wolves, so the people of the villages always carry knives with them. Some of the wolves are werewolves, though, and sneak into human homes. The nature of the wolf is rapacious hunger, and so there can also be a wolf within a human.

The company man essay analysis

Summary and Analysis

She gets a shocking wake-up call in this direction when she finally starts to see the world as it is with the events that led up to her feeling upset about the opinions of strangers. Speaking figuratively, I believe she aged 50 years in a day.

In her mind, at least at the outset, she has a very set and strong view about the company there and the experience that is to be had.

She imagined a place where people may get together and enjoy the music and good times with a feeling of unity. He has a keen sense of consciousness surrounding what is to happen there and she makes remarks about how the company will begin to sing together with a manner of fellowship.

She feels that they will and should all have a similar sense of sharing and common interest in the park experience.

Miss Brill has a fair amount of difficulty reconciling what she thinks should happen and what actually happens. My interpretation is that Miss Brill has a positive bias and was therefore experiencing a fair amount of self-deception prior to the visit to the park.

People were having a good time, so Miss Brill was right to think they would, but she was blinded to the fact that not all people in the park were to have a good time. The girls where having a good time, but their nature as humans is horrid. Human nature stinks, and clearly there has not been anybody in the lives of the four girls to help instill certain values into the girls.

Those values would be to respect their elders. If people did have respect for their elders, if they were taught such values, then the elderly people in the park would have been having a better time. Conclusion Much is said by other academics about the loss of joy that Miss Brill feels.

She overlooked the fact that human nature stinks, which is why people are not born with values such as respecting their elders.

The company man essay analysis

I feel Miss Brill is deluding herself with her positive attitude, and I feel that her experience helped bring her back to earth with a bump. In a way, she has finally grown up and lost her childishly over-optimistic view for a more mature view.

In a way, she aged 50 years in a day.Dec 10,  · “The Company Men” puts us down on the ground after having been up in the air.

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The movie powerfully revisits a theme touched on last year in the bitter comic drama “Up in the Air”: the. Please note that some of these college essay examples may be responding to prompts that are no longer in use.

The current Common App prompts are as follows: 1. In the story, "The Company Man", Ellen Goodman describes the insensible life of a corporate man towards his family.

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