Setting of miss brill

The narrator writes through a stream of consciousness point of view in order for the audience to see into the mind of Miss Brill as the story shows how lonely she is in the fake world she has created for herself. Through the use of dashes, the narrator inserts bits of information that add to the story and show what Miss Brill is thinking about on a particular subject. Not only does this passage show how Miss Brill is beginning to feel but it also foreshadows more sadness that comes later in the story.

Setting of miss brill

Published under Featured Articles at www. Often, efforts have been made to find out how the Christians have approached or should approach Hindus with the gospel. Rarely is any effort undertaken to understand the Hindu point of view. The modern missionary era began with the arrival of William Carey in It took a few decades before the Christian missionaries began their work in different parts of India.

A number of prominent Indian leaders reacted and responded to the Christian missionary work and the influence of Western thought.

In the process, there arose a number of socio-religious reform movements whose Hindu leaders attempted to interact with Christianity.

These interactions are important, for through them we are able to get some glimpses of Hindu attitudes toward Christianity. The Hindu Renaissance leaders exerted a great amount of influence on the masses. Their speeches, writings and socio-religious movements exemplified certain Setting of miss brill toward Christianity.

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These attitudes, to a large extent, were inherited by the common Hindus. Studying these leaders will yield insights into Hindu attitudes toward Christianity.

It often faced opposition from different segments of the Hindu community. Oppositions from the Hindus were frequently based on some partial truth, or no truth at all. Whatever their objections, the Hindus found it difficult to understand and accept Christianity as a foreign missionary religion.

Numerous misconceptions about Christianity still exist in the minds of the Hindus today. A Western Religion One of the most often discussed and debated objections to Christianity is that it was introduced to India by Western tradesmen and missionaries. It flourished under the pelf and patronage of foreign rulers Sunder Raj To support this argument, many point out that Portuguese and British rulers were instrumental in spreading Christianity in India.

The gospel came to India --so most Hindus think--basically through the Western, white colonialists; therefore it has been fiercely opposed by the Hindus as the religion of the imperialists. Further, Hindus believe that the Portuguese and the British rulers, at least to some extent, were sympathetic toward the Christianization of India.

This led to a confirmation of their suspicion that these foreign rulers had been using Christian missionaries for spreading their own religion in India.

This confusion is well stated by Devanandan: Hindu leaders attributed the rapid spread of Christianity through mass movement conversions, resulting in the growth of a strong Christian section of the Indian population numbering nearly ten million after a century of missionary activity, to the friendly support given unofficially by the government to Christian missions In the minds of the Hindus, Christianity and Western rule went hand in hand.

Therefore, to them, becoming Christian meant strengthening the hands of the British in India. This led the Hindus to develop a negative attitude toward Christianity. Hindus feel that Christianity is meant for Westerners and that Hindus should not be converted to it, for Christianity is a foreign religion.

Staffner brings this in to perspective when he states: The basic understating of many Hindus is still that each country has its own religion or forms of religion.

Short Stories Analyzed: Summary: Miss Brill

Hinduism is the religion of the people of IndiaChristianity is the religion of Europe and America. They regard Christianity as a religion which has been imported from outside, and is nurtured and dominated from outside Therefore, on the sole ground that Christianity is a foreign and Western religion, Hindus tend to reject it.

Christianity Denationalizes People A related objection to the above is that Christianity westernizes the Indians--hence it is denationalizing and deculturizing the Hindus. In most cases, Christianity appears to the Hindu as something Western.

Setting of miss brill

They normally point to the fact that much missionary work is being doing with the support of the Western people. Western religion is understood as an attempt to wipe out the Indian culture and replace it with Western culture.

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Therefore, The objection is raised that the adoption of Christianity means the denationalization and westernization of the converts, and that therefore it ought to be opposed in the interest of the new national movement which is so important for the future of India Greaves This misunderstanding has been strengthened by the fact that most of those who become Christians have adopted the lifestyle and culture of the West.

The fact that the small Christian community in India is comparatively more westernized is sufficient to prove the point. Many causes can be attributed to the Westernization of Christians in India.The phrases you chose that you pulled out of "Miss Brill" certainly do set the tone for this story, about a sweet little lady who tries to keep a positive outlook, even though she is very lonely.

Miss Brill looks forward to her Sunday after Sunday ritual where the people theatrically contribute to her pleasure. The band is playing the musical score for the play. The gossip is the dialogue of the play. Miss Brill Essay. THEME of "Miss Brill" In the story "Miss Brill," an old, lonely lady spends her Sunday observing people in a park.

Although ignored by everyone around her, Miss Brill manages to convince herself that she is really an integral part of the scene and would be missed if she weren't there. Essay about Miss Brill and The Dolls House.

Katherine Mansfield's short stories Miss Brill and The Dolls House are extremely good examples of how a writer can use symbolism to bring about an understanding of character, setting and themes, whilst communicating all these ideas in .

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