Presidentialism in britain and australia essay

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Presidentialism in britain and australia essay

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Bowden The Government of the United States of America just averted another shutdown because of failure to pass supply, or appropriations in the American lexicon. I established in earlier posts that t he American form of presidential-congressional government is inherently irresponsible in contrast to the responsible government of Westminster parliaments because of its separation of powers.

The framers of the Constitution of saw the strict separation of the executive and the legislature and the entrenchment of checks and balances as the most effective method of reining in abuse of executive powers and securing civil liberty. Inthe separation of powers probably did offer the best protection against abuse of executive powers.

Presidentialism in britain and australia essay

The Framers like Madison, Hamilton, and Franklin dealt principally with the significant question of how to turn a hereditary monarch into an elected president, while ensuring that the presidency could not usurp the Congress. The Framers probably examined these historical instances.

The selection of a monarch by Parliament fundamentally rejected the doctrine of the divine right of kings and monarchical succession. InParliament passed the Act of Settlement, which again altered the line of succession in order to keep Catholics from ascending to the Throne out of the fear of Catholic Continental power struggles that could subjugate Great Britain.

Parliament had asserted its power by choosing two monarchs under the terms of the Constitutional Settlement of The American Framers no doubt took stock of these experiences and thus devised the original electoral college and the indirect election of the American presidency in order to limit its executive power.

By convention, the American presidency now rests on a popular mandate, but as the election of showed so clearly, the legal determination of the presidency depends not on winning the popular vote, but winning the electoral college via the States.

They devised the electoral college in order that the States and the House of Representatives appoint a weak and limited Presidency, the logical extension of parliamentary control over succession as applied in a Republic.

These developments threatened the balance of powers and infinitely complicated the separation of powers. The president could in turn claim that the presidency represents the true voice of the people, being the only office for which Americans from across the entire country vote.


The broadening of the franchise in the United States, and the resultant convention of a popular mandate of the American presidency, also broadened the powers and influence of that office to an extent that the Framers never conceived.

Responsible government more efficiently represents and channels popular opinion, since the Crown has never presumed to represent it, and because the voters know that the decisions of government come from cabinet alone.

This clarity of accountability does not apply to the American separation of powers, particularly not in the context of a powerful presidency that challenges the primacy of Congress.Advantages and Disadvantages of Aid to Australia – Geography Essay The purpose of Australian Aid is to help developing countries around the world eradicate poverty and to promote stability and prosperity both in our region and beyond, by providing different types of assistance and financial support.

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Presidentialism in britain and australia essay

Problems of Presidentialism & the US Exception. Australia, NZ, Bahamas, In this essay it is always necessary to know whether one is talking about the specific properties of a presidentialist system–as defined here–or using a loose concept that can also include parliamentary systems.

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These are different institutional forms of. Presidential vs parliamentary systems Essay; Presidential vs parliamentary systems Essay. Words Oct 6th, the USA (presidentialism) and the UK (parliamentary system).

Consequently nations can choose which system they sympathise: many countries including Australia, Germany, Italy, Spain and Canada has modelled this system. Thus, whereas in the United States, elections are held at fixed intervals, in Britain and other parliamentary countries, they may occur at any time, the only restriction being (in Britain) that they must be held at least once every five years.

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