Mi first day at high school

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Mi first day at high school

Dad drove us to school. He left us [my sister, Bonny, and I] at the front office. The head of year 8 took me around the school. All eyes were on me — the new girl, wearing different clothes.

The teacher, Mr Pontebury, asked the class who wanted to look after me. Some girls near the back put their hands up. So did some girls near the front of the class. He put me with the ones at the front.

Mi first day at high school

Their names were Sonya, Erica, Janet and Clara. Sonya took me under her wing for the day. I sat with them for all of my classes.

They sit at the front of the class for everything. I hate having people looking at the back of my head! It feels like whenever someone laughs they are laughing at me. At lunch time Sonya introduced me to a boy called Andy. I was so embarrassed.

There are lots of good looking boys in my class. They seem to talk more with the other group of girls though that sit at the back of the class. Now I wish Mr Pontebury had put me with them.

Emily Dear Myyr-old-self, Well done on your first day of school! I know it must have been a tough day. I suggest you take a bath and do something relaxing tonight.

You might actually find that you like them and have a lot in common with them. However, if left to your own devices it will be a VERY long time before you develop the ability and self-confidence to make wise decisions about boys.

So my tip for today is: You may think you come across as funny or cool but in the long run you will just make things harder for yourself. It might seem like the opposite is true but just wait and see!

And one last thing: Do your school work. Talk to your Dad. Hang out with your sister.Aug 28,  · Dear Diary, Today was my first day at Benedict Brown srmvision.com drove us to school. We didn’t have the uniforms yet so I had to wear my normal clothes.

Mi first day at high school

He left us [my sister, Bonny, and I] at the front office. Beginner English Lesson Plan: First Day of Class Note to teachers: With beginners, mime and movement are essential. Don’t worry if students cannot. First Day of School Read-Alouds (PreK–2) Classroom Essentials (2–4) Back-to-School Checklist (PreK–12) The Critical First Week of High School () High school teacher Nicole Sledge shares her strategies for building rapport with students and breaking the ice.

I have lots of best things my first week. raise my hand. Lily Taylor, 11, Bungay high school, Suffolk morning and I'm getting tired later on in the day.

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