Extended school day

The Extended Day Program is a neighborhood program that offers an enrichment program for the students of Swampscott.

Extended school day

The Extended Day Program reinforcese these traditions of forming minds and character; stressing the importance of arts, athletics, and spirituality; and cultivating a sense of wonder. In order for a student to participate in the Extended Day Program they must be registered!

Extended school day

Morning Care Morning care is available on regurlar school days from 7: Morning care is not available when school starts late due to inclement weather. Students enter through the ramp entrance on Belmont Avenue and check-in with the morning care counselor in Saint Anselm Hall.

Students may talk quietly, read or study.

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Morning Care is limited to 35 students daily. You must reserve a place in advance with Director of Extended Day. ASE does not operate on the last regular school day before a holiday break or on days when school dismisses early because of inclement weather or other unplanned emergency. ASE is limited to 50 students daily.

You must reserve a place in advance with the Director of Extended Day.

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Please visit the ASE page for more detailed information on the program.Parents/legal guardians must complete the online registration form for each child. The registration forms must include the child’s personal information, emergency information, information for all authorized pick up persons, a medical release, photo release, and liability waiver.

This analysis reviews the data on two types of extended school programs--those that extend the number of hours per day students spend in school, and those that extend the school year. The Extended School Day (ESD) program is sponsored by the Lewisville ISD Campus Support Services Department. ESD is an enrichment based program designed to capitalize on the interests and developmental needs of the child while providing opportunities for successful experiences in a less structured atmosphere than the . I give my consent for my child’s participation in the Hammond School Extended Day Program. I agree to release and hold harmless the School, its agents and employees from claims, damages, losses, or other liabilities for injuries to the Student not from gross or willful negligence by the School.

Some U.S. high schools are extending the school day, and researchers are seeing big effects for students: higher test scores and grades and improved mental and physical health. For the upcoming school year, Niagara Falls High School will offer the Extended School Day program.

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This is an exciting program that allows us to meet the unique needs of our students. The program will start October 3rd and run throughout the school year. Extended school days increase the amount of time students receive direct instruction or academic support or participate in nontraditional learning pathways.

Extended school day

The Extended Day Program, which includes the middle school Check-In programs, plays a critical role in the development of young people’s social, emotional and academic skills, with over child care professionals working daily to meet the individual needs of each child and the expectations of every family.

Catherine Cook's Extended Day Program ( p.m.) provides a supervised, consistent, and familiar place for students to go any afternoon school is in session (with the exception of half days published on the Academic Calendar).

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