Early pregnancy essays

Find Out Now Early pregnancy symptoms are often evident within just a few days of implantation of the fertilised egg although many women are unaware of them as they can be easily mistaken for other conditions.

Early pregnancy essays

For example, smoking by the mother during pregnancy is associated with substance abuse and criminal behavior in both male and female children when they reach adulthood Child. Miscarriages, still births, low infant birth weight, and sudden infant death syndrome are some effects of smoking while pregnant.

Children born to smoking mothers may also suffer more colds and other lung problems, and may have learning difficulties, and behavioral problems NTP. Other topics covered are second hand smoke, smoking while breastfeeding, why children are more likely to become smokers, and quitting smoking.

Problems can occur if a pregnant woman does not smoke herself, but is around others who smoke, known as second hand smoke. Women should not smoke while breast feeding because the chemicals in cigarette smoke can enter the breast milk NTP.

Children of mothers who smoked are more likely to become smokers themselves Ferguson. Quitting smoking is the best for the baby and the mother. It is never too late, to quit Early pregnancy essays.

Effects of Smoking While Pregnant Smoking during pregnancy is associated with many adverse outcomes for children as well as negative consequences for child health and development Child. Maternal smoking late in pregnancy reduces birthweight and size.

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Babies born to habitual smokers weigh, on average, about 9 oz. When an individual smokes, they take in nicotine and carbon monoxide. These poisons get into the placenta, the tissue that connects the mother and the baby before it is born. These poisons keep the unborn baby from getting the food and oxygen needed to grow.

As a result babies of smokers are often smaller. Smaller babies are more likely to need special care and stay longer in the hospital. Some may die either at birth or within the first year. Smoking during pregnancy is estimated to account for 20 to 30 percent of low-birth weight babies, up to 14 percent of preterm deliveries, and some 10 percent of all infant deaths NTP.

Some of the effects of smoking while pregnant may not be apparent at birth, but are seen as the child starts to develop NTP.

Infants born from mothers that smoked are three times more likely to die from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, a condition in which babies who appear healthy die suddenly while sleeping, as are babies whose mothers do not smoke during pregnancy Child.

Smoking during pregnancy also hurts a baby's lungs. Smoking during and after pregnancy has been linked to asthma in children NTP. Second hand smoke is harmful to both pregnant women and infants NTP. Paternal smoking reduces birthweight by about 2 oz.

Cause And Effect Essay About Early Pregnancy - Dissertations-service This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.
Cause and effect essay on teenage pregnancy rate Act now The causes of teenage pregnancy include a lack of access to sexual and reproductive health education and services.
Infernal desire machines of doctor hoffman analysis essay The team compared these with 87, pregnancies in which a miscarriage did not occur.

After birth, babies exposed to cigarette smoke may experience more colds, lung problems, and even ear infections. Smoking While Breastfeeding Breast milk is best for baby because of the extra nutrients it provides the infant.

Teenage pregnancy thesis statement - WP Symposium. Trying to distinguish the effects of teenage pregnancy is a complex task given the difficulty in separating pre-existing conditions and those that are a direct result of adolescent pregnancy. Teen pregnancy is a crisis that concerns the baby, parents, other members of the family, as well as resources of the community. Every year, approximately , women aged . During early pregnancy, levels of the hormone progesterone soar. In high enough doses, progesterone can put you to sleep. At the same time, lower blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure and increased blood production may team up to sap your energy during your pregnancy.

So whatever the mother consumes or takes into her body effects the contents of their breast milk. Therefore, women should not smoke while breast feeding because, the baby ingests the nicotine in her breast milk NTP.The Philippines teenage pregnancy rate has increased by 60% in the year , according to the Philippine National Statistics Office.

This is very alarming.

Early pregnancy essays

Teenage pregnancy often occurs between the ages of years old, often in this age the girls are still studying. Another form of teenage pregnancy prevention that is being taught in schools is various contraceptive techniques. Although abstinence remains the best way to prevent pregnancy among teens, it is a fact that there are still a large number of them who will be involved in sexual relations.

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- Introduction: Natural Killer cells play an important role in the development of the placenta during the early stages of pregnancy. The mechanism of angiogenesis is controlled in part by the effect of uterine natural killer cells (uNK) and their production of cytokines.

Early pregnancy essays

Essay on avenue q Teenage pregnancy is one cause and effect essay about early pregnancy the major problem Pregnancy Essay. As a side effect, the teenage mothers and child faces the outcome. Its called the terrible twos for a reason, after all Teenage pregnancy, also known as adolescent pregnancy.

Using statistics, facts, figures, indexes, diagrams, tables, and any other kind of illustrative materials is an important thing to keep in mind when working on your argumentative essay on teenage pregnancy, as well as on other types of academic papers.

Pregnancy comes with some cost, however, for a pregnant woman needs also to be a responsible woman so as to best support the health of her future child. The growing fetus (the term used to denote the baby-to-be during early developmental stages) depends entirely on its mother's healthy body for all needs.

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