Debate about baby boxes

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Debate about baby boxes

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The committee, a group of 18 international human rights experts based in Geneva, says that while "foundling wheels" and baby hatches had disappeared from Europe in the last century, almost have been installed across the continent in the past decade in nations as diverse as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic and Latvia.

Sincemore than children have been abandoned in the hatches, with faith groups and right-wing politicians spearheading the revival in the controversial practice. There are differing opinions on this key social issue across Europe. In France and Holland women have the right to remain anonymous to their babies after giving birth, while in the UK it remains a crime to secretly abandon a child.

She likened the pro-baby box movements in Europe to the religious right in the US.

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Now we have MEPs arguing for baby boxes and they just reject the convention. The ensuing row spilt over borders with two dozen right-wing MEPs, including the current president of Hungary, writing to complain that baby boxes "offer ed a solution for women who unfortunately keep their pregnancy a secret and fear to approach official instructions".

There is evidence that the baby box idea is popular. Herczog said that the committee is undeterred. We did Czech Republic. Austria is coming up. I cannot say for sure but I can imagine we will do the same for Austria as the Czech Republic ".

Her stance was backed by experts. Politicians in the former Communist bloc dispute this analysis.

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Sari Essayah, Finnish MEP from the centre-right Christian Democrats, pointed out that in Scandinavia "two lesbians can get sperm anonymously and have children. So what about the rights of the child?

The UN have got it wrong here about baby boxes. Both are breached when a mother gives birth anonymously. Hatches are tolerated — but earlier this year German ministers floated the possibility of a new "legal framework for confidential births". In February the German Youth Institute found that the anonymous service had lost trace of a fifth of all abandoned babies — giving ammunition to those who want to end the practice.

I know also the problems, but for me it is essential to protect and to safeguard the life of children in extreme situations. All other problems can be solved with good will as long as the child is alive.

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Baby box ban: Eleven nations in Europe have drop boxes for unwanted babies, including Germany with baby boxes. But a UN human rights group wants to ban them.

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Debate about baby boxes
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