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Buy research chemicals 2c-b lah

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buy research chemicals 2c-b lah

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βk-2C-B (beta-keto 2C-B, bk-2C-B) is a psychedelic drug which is structurally related to 2C-B and BOB and has been sold online as a designer drug.

This product is intended for forensic and research product is NOT for human consumption. XINGSLAB BIOLOGICAL TECHNOLOGY LIMITED We guarantees % receiving the order within 3 days. This means that your order is already in your country. May 29,  · Re: Research Chemical similar to MDMA?

Not a research chemical (actually extensively studied): I have found that the empathogenic, stimulating, slightly mindbending effects of low-to-moderate-dose dextromethorphan to have many things in common with the effect of MDMA.

buy research chemicals 2c-b lah

BK-2C-B is known to have psychedelic effects and is related to 2C-B on a structural level. 2C-B has been difficult for many researchers to get their hands on for the last three decades because of very strict licensing and regulatory requirements on it and similar compounds.

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