An introduction to the history of jesuits

Thus far in the Institute all is by Saint Ignatiuswho has also added "Declarations" of various obscure parts. Decrees of General Congregations, which have equal authority with the Constitutions; Rules, general and particular, etc. The Constitutions as drafted by Ignatius and adopted finally by the first congregation of the Society,have never been altered.

An introduction to the history of jesuits

The below article is a brief history of their founding. Understand they are in countries.

Origin of the three orders

What is usually left out is: Why were they formed and what is their goal? Why is it that the majority of Americans don't even know Jesuits exist? Out of gratitude for John Carroll's support during the war, Washington gave a modified version of the seal of the United States to the institution that is now Georgetown University, and that seal is still in use.

An introduction to the history of jesuits

The alleged rivalry between the two is a diversion. He and a group of associates founded the Jesuit Order in and it was given papal approval in From there it expanded its influence until it reached its present status as one of the most powerful secret societies on earth.

Loyola became the first Jesuit Superior General, also know as the 'Father General', and he sent his agents far and wide to set up schools, colleges, and seminaries. The term comes from the Latin 'seminarium', or 'seed-bed'.

Semiramis was know in similar terms as the mother, or 'seed-bed', of the gods. The word 'seminary' is also used in reference to Jewish and Muslim religious centers of higher 'education', and by the Mormons, too. The Jesuits now have some 25, members in countries and the worldwide structure consists of region known as assistanceswhich are themselves made up of provinces.

It is the usual top-down, Russian-doll system that allows the leaders to keep the big agenda from the lower roads. The Superior General has absolute authority and is again chosen for life, or until he decides to resign. He said that Jesuits should be 'well-disciplined like a corpse'. Loyola produced a book call Spiritual Exercises modern day psychology in and it is still at the heart of Jesuit 'education'.

An introduction to the history of jesuits

It tells Jesuits to suspend their own judgement and the thirteenth rule says it is virtue to believe only what the Catholic Church tells them even if it's not true. The example is given of seeing something that is obviously white, but believing it is really black if the Catholic hierarchy says it is.

That which appears white is really black. We should always be disposed to believe that which appears white is really black if the hierarchy of the Church so decides.

This is what the Illuminati and Jesuits always demand-absolute obedience. The Bavarian Illuminati is a strand in the bigger web, which also calls itself the Illuminati. This was achieved by planting agents in all areas of society, who then engineered the conflict that brought about the required change.

Mayer Amachel Rothschild was the real leader of the Bavarian Illuminati, and the Rothschilds and the Jesuits have long been connected. He once said; The great strength of our Order lies in its concealment; let it never appear in any place in its own name, but always covered by another name, and another occupation.

None is fitter than the three lower degrees of Freemasonry; the public is accustomed to it, expects little from it, and therefore takes little notice of it. Malachi Martin, another former Jesuit priest, worked in the inner circles of the Vatican for more than twenty years and spoke seventeen languages.

In his final book before he died inhe said there was an 'occult conspiracy' in the Vatican and that satanic rituals were conducted within a Secret Church dedicated to 'Lucifer'. One is holding a banner with the papal colors of yellow and white, and the other holds a black banner bearing a knife with the cross above the skull and crossbones.Basics of the Jesuit meme: The Black Pope The Jesuit theorists claim that the head of the Jesuits, the Superior General, is the “Black Pope”—one whose power supersedes that of the Pope and, subsequently, the Holy Church.


Secrets the Jesuits don't want you to know Out of Europe, a voice is heard from the secular world that documents historically the same information told by ex-priests. The author exposes the Vatican's involvement in world politics, intrigues, and the fomenting of wars throughout history/5(60).

(Company of Jesus, Jesuits) See also DISTINGUISHED JESUITS, JESUIT APOLOGETIC, EARLY JESUIT GENERALS, and four articles on the history of the Society: PRE, , , and The Society of Jesus is a religious order founded by Saint Ignatius srmvision.comated by him "The Company of Jesus" to indicate its true leader and its soldier spirit, the title was Latinized .

The following excerpt from the World Scope Encyclopedia gives an overview of the purpose and history of the Jesuit order, as the Order would like us to understand it: "Jesuits, or Society of Jesus: A monastic order of the Roman Catholic Church, founded () in Paris by Ignatius of srmvision.comally the special function of the order was to care for the sick and to fortify the position of the.

Publisher's Introduction There is no other person more qualified to introduce Edmond Paris' book, "The Secret History of the Jesuits," than Dr. Alberto Rivera, a former Jesuit.

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