A thesis on how plane geometry disproves evolution

No engineer would design that, at all.

A thesis on how plane geometry disproves evolution

We;re pretty sure the manuscript shows that Einstein first dropped the cc in earlywhen he realised that evolving models were less contrived than steady-state theories. Btw, Slipher did not work at Mt Wilson, he carried out his pioneering observations of nebular redshifts at Flagstaff a decade earlier.


Pilgrim I always viewed the universe pulsating ; expanding then deflating ; being pulled together by the gravity of planets, starsetc; but then being pushed away by this dark energy! How are we life even possible?

A thesis on how plane geometry disproves evolution

How could there even have been a beginning? Something has to come from something! This means atoms; gases; energy ; time created itself out of nothing? We are a miracle! One day hopefully the human race will have its answer!


Pilgrim So you believe in the infinity theory? The figure 8 sideways. It had to start from some point.

A thesis on how plane geometry disproves evolution

This may sound silly ; which came first the chicken or the egg? Then regardless which came first ; how did the chicken or the egg get there?

Its endless but seems impossible! Big Bang has been proved. Infinity theory has been cast to the side, they both seem impossible to me?


Has this not crossed your mind! With a light bulb question mark on the top of head- C g Pilgrim Gorros The big bang myth was accepted as science round The Doppler effect is wavelenght independent. This makes me sure of 3 things: The very foundation of bigbangism is hereby ruined and non-existent.

You can use the money better. Matt your asterisks are off. Also very fitting article considering the show well the modern iteration Cosmos just debuted and they talk about starting from a point of sheer nothingness, perhaps something to explore in your next article?Published: Mon, 5 Dec The goal of this essay is to give insight into the complex and decisive subject of the evolution of the Combat fighter plane.

This evolutionary race has been dominated by several significant factors, with contribution from many varied bodies of . deformation of the Düzce Fault, at different time scales, of ± mm/yr and disproves a time- variable model at least for the last 60 yr.

On this light, considering the GPS-measured strain. The theory of Evolution, on the other hand, gives a reason for it to be true, rather than simply explaining how things behave. Natural selection explains how one cell managed to turn into a human, not just that it does.

A compacted tree is a graph created from a binary tree such that repeatedly occurring subtrees in the original tree are represented by pointers to existing ones, and hence every subtree is unique.

Nevertheless, my original thesis still stands: languages change, are transformed by many different external pressures, adapt to circumstances, change when a group of humans is isolated from the main body of its common language, and evolve new forms, new grammar, new words to suit circumstances and discoveries - mimicing the manner in .

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New Book Refutes Big Bang Theory