A personal narrative on attending a concert of everclear

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A personal narrative on attending a concert of everclear

Despite that it was amazing. It was over five hours long because there were three opening acts.

All of them had different styles of music and showed different personalities. Seeing the crowd all excited together, dancing, singing, jumping, everything was amazing.

The lights flashing through the crowd. The steam rising up as the whole room heated up during the show. It was an amazing feeling to experience it all and be feeling the same way as so many other people in the venue.

I loved going every year when I was in middle school because you saw military bands, but you also saw different bands from different cultures performing and it felt like I was traveling the world in my own home.

For example, there were three levels and all the seats were filled, each and every one of us had these light sticks and we were swinging it to the beat of the music. All of us were also chanting the fan chants for the songs.

The most memorable part though was when we all held up this poster thing at the same time and it spelled out " we are one ". This concert was definitely memorable.

The music was so powerful it moved me to tears. Her Soprano voice is so amazing. Again I was moved to tears and felt so close to the Lord. We watched or participated in the scream-singing and dancing that goes along with late nights and the song "You Shook Me All Night Long," but that was definitely not a concert I wanted to sit through.

As we found our way to the 6th row yes, he "had" to sit close I was, if possible, even less excited than before. There was a full size train engine on the stage under their massive famous logo.

I tried to finish my beverage quickly so I could have a reason to get up. They are amazing and talented and older than my dad. Their energy and intesity made me feel bad about getting off the eliptical machine sooner than I planned.

They were doing 10 times as much as I my usual gym workout, for 2 plus hours, while playing an instrument, and often, with a cigarrette in their mouths.

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The enormous stage was rumbling with the sound of a single guitar as the band slowly started their next encore performance. Stacy Lukasavitz - Writing Sample -- Concert Review - First Person Narrative Concert Review: Amy Millan in Pontiac, MI(Originally published on October 18, , as a blog post at srmvision.com)Keeping true to my obsession with semi-obscure Canadian independent music, lastweek I was lucky enough to find myself on the guest list for one.

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The concert was outside, at a Phoenix amphiteatre, and even the oven-like heat didn't keep down the crowd. The lights, the music, and . A Personal Narrative on Attending a Concert of Everclear PAGES 1. WORDS View Full Essay. More essays like this: everclear, the concert, attending a concert.

Not sure what I'd do without @Kibin - Alfredo Alvarez, student @ Miami University.

A personal narrative on attending a concert of everclear

Exactly what I needed. - Jenna Kraig, student @ UCLA. a unbelievable experience in an exciting concert (narrative essay) Have you ever felt the emotion when you are going to see to your favorite band alive in a concert. This story is about when I went to “Auditorio Nacional” in Mexico city, for see one of .

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